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Pissed off Chicks has been empowering women for over two decades with the foundational thought that women should ACT OUT in the face of abuse and never live in fear.  Our community outreach programs and real world self-defense programs are designed to help those in need and protect all from the threats and violent behavior women, children and men encounter on a daily basis. 

We need your help!

Pissed Off ChicksTM, in

association with POC Enterprises, has been supporting disadvantaged women and children for over two decades.  Since inception, thousands of women and children have benefited from our free services.

Advocates work to eliminate domestic violence in families and homes by empowering individuals to make positive life choices through advocacy, support, education, awareness and community involvement.

Our Mission is to change statistics by educating as many people as we can before an incident ever occurs making awareness and prevention our primary goal while keeping in mind that healing from a tragic event must be given the same attention.

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